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Amazing Footy Meal Deals

During any AFL Football game  ‘live’ on ‘free to air’ TV…

  • $40 10 Beers, Wines or Ciders plus a meal
  • $70 10 Base Spirits, Vodkas or Brandys plus a meal


Simply purchase your deal in the hour preceding the match. This is a Front bar service only.

Responsible Service of Alcohol rules apply. Drink responsibly.

The Meals

The meals available are listed with our staff in the front bar. Common meals known to be served are Beef Schnitzels, Chicken half Schnitzels, fish n chips and much much more!!

Other Sports

Other live sports matches can be made available upon request, however availability is dependent on whether the kitchen will be open at the time of the sports match

We also do provide meal deals for State-of-Origin Rugby League tri-series

Large Groups

If you and a large group are set to buy some Meal Deals please pre-book to ensure our kitchen are well staffed enabling a speedy delivery of meals.

Contact (08) 8346 4203 anytime for any inquiries or email us via our website Contact Us page.

Kitchen Times

To provide you with a meal in your meal deal, our kitchen must be open. If the kitchen is closed whilst your chosen sports match is on, the meal deal will be unfortunately be unavailable.

Please see our kitchen opening times here on our menu

Conditions apply

The serving of alcohol will cease to over intoxicated people, customers are required to drink responsibly as excessive drinking will not be accepted.

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