Functions & Venue Hire

Our Back bar venue hire is a perfect facility for any birthday or bucks show, presentation night or even a band/music night. With a near 300 person capacity the venue hire includes a massive outdoor beer garden, large LCD screens and beverages bar.

 Upfront Deposit

A deposit of $200 is payable to confirm the booking and this is fully refundable upon the successful completion of the event that has avoided the need to repair or replace damaged or stolen property and limited the need for increased cleaning after the event.

In the event that the booking is cancelled less than six weeks before the scheduled date, the $200 deposit will be forfeited.

Security Guards

😎 If the venue deems security is required the cost will be shared by the venue and the booking party.

Usage of specific hotel facilities

Additional use of facilities such as the following can be provided but ‘may’ incur further costs…

  • Fully Catered Meals
  • Oven, Cool room, Oven Trays & Platters
  • Use of Crockery & Cutlery
  • Helium Gas Bottle & Nozzle
  • Sound System & Lighting
  • Bubble or Smoke Machine
  • Projector or TV Media for media/photo displays

Basic Booking Price

# Room hire N/A
# Upfront refundable deposit $200



# Additional Facilities & Services To be confirmed upon contractual agreement

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